Style Sheets Ink.

Welcome to the home page for our company, Style Sheets Ink, the one-stop shopping center for all things to do with style sheets.

At Style Sheets Ink. we believe in the power of style sheets. We are jazzed and excited at the myriad of ways that style sheets can liven up a Web site. We provide many services to help your company come up to speed with using style sheets, including:

This page uses style sheets extensively. To see it in its full glory, you should view it in a Web browser that can use style sheets, such as Netscape Communicator.

Training Services

We can build customized training courses for you, to show you how useful style sheets can be.

We also run regularly-scheduled training courses at our offices that are just jam packed with information about style sheets. The training course is very hands-on. Each participant has their own computer, and we accept no more than ten students per class. The training courses usually run for one full day, or two half days.


We also offer seminars that last six hours, where we talk about the benefits of style sheets, and show lots of examples.

The seminars do not provide a hands-on experience like the training courses do, but they give lots of information to vast amounts of people at once, and they require less of a financial investment from you than the training classes do. We can also come to your office to present our seminar to audiences of 30 people or more.

Here is a list of available seminars:

Using Colors in Style Sheets
This seminar gives advice on mixing and matching colors in style sheets. Colors add life to a Web site, but you can take it too far.

Using Boxes For Headings:
This seminar talks about block-level formatting, and gives advice on using boxes to make headings stand out.

Using Text Properties of Style Sheets:
This seminar discusses all the different ways you can liven your text up by using the text properties of style sheets.

Web Site Development

We can help you build new Web sites from scratch, that are just alive with styles.

If you already have a Web site, we can update it to use style sheets, so that it looks modern and trendy compared to all those other Web sites out there that don't use style sheets.

Consultation Services

We offer consultation and advice on any aspect of using style sheets.

As well as giving general advice about style sheets, we also help you build Web sites that use style sheets. See the section Web site development for more information on this service.

Just to make everything perfectly clear, Style Sheets Ink. is a fictional company, and the purpose of this page is to demonstrate the use of style sheets. This page was developed by Brighter Books for Netscape as part of the Dynamic HTML and Style Sheet documentation set for Communicator.