module name: / /
description: encoder frontend for XviD video
author(s): ThOe
2-pass encoding (-R 1/2) by Christoph Lampert
-R 3 (constant quantizer mode) added by Gerhard Monzel
included since: 0.5.1
required packages: Open-Source available from the XviD project page
video format: XviD (FourCC=DIVX)
audio format: MP3/AC3/PCM
file type: AVI / raw bitstream
  • superseeds OpenDivX codec.
  • video frame size parameter should be multiple of 16.
  • option -r does not work correctly for PAL (720x576) videos.
    The frame must be cropped and the following combinations work: -r2 or -r4 with -j 0,8 and -r8 -j 32,40.
  • raw audio export with -m <filename>.
  • use "-y xvid" with codec snapshot of 2002-04-12.
  • tries to follow latest CVS development.
  • writes raw bitstream for post-processing.

Last modified: Tue Feb 5 15:06:07 CET 2002