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3.2.5 IMG_isPCX

int IMG_isPCX(SDL_RWops *src)


If the PCX format is supported, then the image data is tested to see if it is readable as a PCX, otherwise it returns false (Zero).

Returns: 1 if the image is a PCX and the PCX format support is compiled into SDL_image. 0 is returned otherwise.

// Test sample.pcx to see if it is a PCX
SDL_RWops *rwop;
rwop=SDL_RWFromFile("sample.pcx", "rb");
	printf("sample.pcx is a PCX file.\n");
	printf("sample.pcx is not a PCX file, or PCX support is not available.\n");

See Also:
3.1.3 IMG_LoadTyped_RW

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