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3.3 Attributes

These functions deal with TTF_Font, and global, attributes.

See the end of 3.3.12 TTF_GlyphMetrics for info on how the metrics work.

Global Attributes
3.3.1 TTF_ByteSwappedUNICODE  Set default UNICODE byte swapping mode
Font Style
3.3.2 TTF_GetFontStyle  Get font render style
3.3.3 TTF_SetFontStyle  Set font render style
Font Metrics
3.3.4 TTF_FontHeight  Get font maximum total height
3.3.5 TTF_FontAscent  Get font highest ascent (height above base)
3.3.6 TTF_FontDescent  Get font lowest descent (height below base)
3.3.7 TTF_FontLineSkip  Get font recommended line spacing
Face Attributes
3.3.8 TTF_FontFaces  Get the number of faces in a font
3.3.9 TTF_FontFaceIsFixedWidth  Get whether font is monospaced or not
3.3.10 TTF_FontFaceFamilyName  Get current font face family name string
3.3.11 TTF_FontFaceStyleName  Get current font face style name string
Glyph Metrics
3.3.12 TTF_GlyphMetrics  Get individual font glyph metrics
Text Metrics
3.3.13 TTF_SizeText  Get size of LATIN1 text string as would be rendered
3.3.14 TTF_SizeUTF8  Get size of UTF8 text string as would be rendered
3.3.15 TTF_SizeUNICODE  Get size of UNICODE text string as would be rendered

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