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Index Entry Section

.gnuplot1.18 Start-up

abs1.13.1.1 abs
acos1.13.1.2 acos
acosh1.13.1.3 acosh
acsplines2.12.1.6 smooth
aed5123.1.0.1 aed767
aed7673.1.0.1 aed767
aifm3.1.0.2 aifm
amiga3.1.0.3 amiga
angles2.21.1 angles
apollo3.1.0.4 apollo
aqua3.1.0.5 aqua
Aqua3.1.0.5 aqua
arg1.13.1.4 arg
arrow2.21.2 arrow
arrowstyle2.21.59.1 set style arrow
asin1.13.1.5 asin
asinh1.13.1.6 asinh
atan1.13.1.7 atan
atan21.13.1.8 atan2
atanh1.13.1.9 atanh
atari3.1.0.6 atari ST (via AES)
autoscale2.21.3 autoscale
avs2.12.1.2 binary general

backquotes1.20.1 Substitution of system commands in backquotes
bars2.21.4 bars
batch/interactive1.7 Batch/Interactive Operation
BE3.1.0.8 be
be3.1.0.8 be
besj01.13.1.10 besj0
besj11.13.1.11 besj1
bessel5.1 Gnuplot limitations
besy01.13.1.12 besy0
besy11.13.1.13 besy1
bezier2.12.1.6 smooth
binary2.12.1.1 binary
binary_examples2.12.1.2 binary general
bind1.16.1 bind
bitgraph3.1.0.63 tek40
bitwise operators1.13.2.2 Binary
bmargin2.21.5 bmargin
border2.21.6 border
boxerrorbars2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
boxes2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
boxwidth2.21.7 boxwidth
boxxyerrorbars2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
branch2.5.5 multi-branch
bugs5. Bugs

call2.2 call
candlesticks2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
canvas1.4.9 Canvas size
cbdata2.21.109 cbdata
cbdtics2.21.110 cbdtics
cblabel2.21.117 cblabel
cbmtics2.21.118 cbmtics
cbrange2.21.119 cbrange
cbtics2.21.120 cbtics
cd2.1 cd
ceil1.13.1.14 ceil
cgi3.1.0.9 cgi
cgm3.1.0.10 cgm
clabel2.21.8 clabel
clear2.3 clear
clip2.21.9 clip
cntrparam2.21.10 cntrparam
color_resources3.1.0.75 x11
color_resources3.1.0.76 x11
colorbox2.21.11 color box
colornames2.21.50.7 colornames
colors1.15 linetype, colors, and styles
colors1.15 linetype, colors, and styles
colors1.15.1 colorspec
colors2.21.50.1 rgbformulae
colors2.21.50.2 defined
colorspec1.15.1 colorspec
column1.13.1.49 column
command-line-editing1.8 Command-line-editing
command-line-options3.1.0.75 x11
command-line-options3.1.0.76 x11
commands2. Commands
comments1.9 Comments
commentschars2.21.14.4 set datafile commentschars
compatibility1.5 Backwards compatibility
contour2.21.12 contour
coordinates1.10 Coordinates
copyright1.1 Copyright
corel3.1.0.11 corel
cos1.13.1.15 cos
cosh1.13.1.16 cosh
csplines2.12.1.6 smooth

data2.12.1 data
data-file2.12.1 data
datafile2.12.1 data
datastrings1.11 Datastrings
date_specifiers2.21.21.3 time/date specifiers
debug3.1.0.12 debug
decimalsign2.21.15 decimalsign
defined1.13.1.50 defined
degrees2.21.1 angles
dgrid3d2.21.16 dgrid3d
dospc3.1.0.52 dospc
dots2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
dumb3.1.0.14 dumb
dummy2.21.17 dummy
dxf3.1.0.15 dxf
dxy800a3.1.0.16 dxy800a

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