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Index Entry Section

label2.21.29 label
labels2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
lambertw1.13.1.28 lambertw
latex3.1.0.40 latex
least-squares2.5 fit
legend2.21.28 key
lgamma1.13.1.29 lgamma
libgd5.3 External libraries
license1.1 Copyright
line-editing1.8 Command-line-editing
line_resources3.1.0.75 x11
line_resources3.1.0.76 x11
lines2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
linespoints2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
linestyle2.21.59.6 set style line
linetype1.15 linetype, colors, and styles
linux3.1.0.41 linux
linux3.1.0.42 linux
lmargin2.21.30 lmargin
load2.9 load
load5.1 Gnuplot limitations
loadpath2.21.31 loadpath
locale2.21.15 decimalsign
locale2.21.32 locale
locale5.3 External libraries
log1.13.1.30 log
log101.13.1.31 log10
logscale2.21.33 logscale
lower2.10 lower
lp2.21.59.8 set style rectangle

macintosh3.1.0.43 macintosh
macros1.20.2 Substitution of string variables as macros
mapping2.21.35 mapping
margin2.21.36 margin
Marquardt2.5 fit
matrix2.23.1.4 matrix
metafont3.1.0.44 mf
metapost3.1.0.45 mp
mf3.1.0.44 mf
mgr3.1.0.46 mgr
mif3.1.0.47 mif
missing2.21.14.2 set datafile missing
mixing_macros_backquotes1.20.3 String variables, macros, and command line substitution
modulo1.13.2.2 Binary
monochrome_options3.1.0.75 x11
monochrome_options3.1.0.76 x11
mouse2.21.37 mouse
mp3.1.0.45 mp
mtos3.1.0.48 mtos
multi-branch2.5.5 multi-branch
multiplot2.21.38 multiplot
mx2tics2.21.39 mx2tics
mxtics2.21.40 mxtics
my2tics2.21.41 my2tics
mytics2.21.42 mytics
mztics2.21.43 mztics

nec-cp63.1.0.20 epson-180dpi
negation1.13.2.1 Unary
new-features1.4 New features introduced in version 4.2
newhistogram2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
next3.1.0.49 next
NeXT3.1.0.49 next
NeXT3.1.0.50 Openstep (next)
next3.1.0.50 Openstep (next)
noarrow2.21.2 arrow
noautoscale2.21.3 autoscale
noborder2.21.6 border
nocbdtics2.21.110 cbdtics
nocbmtics2.21.118 cbmtics
nocbtics2.21.120 cbtics
noclip2.21.9 clip
nocontour2.21.12 contour
nodgrid3d2.21.16 dgrid3d
nogrid2.21.24 grid
nohidden3d2.21.25 hidden3d
nohidden3d5.1 Gnuplot limitations
nohistorysize2.21.26 historysize
nokey2.21.28 key
nolabel2.21.29 label
nologscale2.21.33 logscale
nomouse2.21.37 mouse
nomultiplot2.21.38 multiplot
nomx2tics2.21.39 mx2tics
nomxtics2.21.40 mxtics
nomy2tics2.21.41 my2tics
nomytics2.21.42 mytics
nomztics2.21.43 mztics
nooffsets2.21.44 offsets
noparametric2.21.47 parametric
nopolar2.21.52 polar
norm1.13.1.32 norm
nosurface2.21.60 surface
notimestamp2.21.67 timestamp
nox2dtics2.21.78 x2dtics
nox2mtics2.21.80 x2mtics
nox2tics2.21.82 x2tics
nox2zeroaxis2.21.83 x2zeroaxis
noxdtics2.21.85 xdtics
noxmtics2.21.87 xmtics
noxtics2.21.89 xtics
noxzeroaxis2.21.91 xzeroaxis
noy2dtics2.21.93 y2dtics
noy2mtics2.21.95 y2mtics
noy2tics2.21.97 y2tics
noy2zeroaxis2.21.98 y2zeroaxis
noydtics2.21.100 ydtics
noymtics2.21.102 ymtics
noytics2.21.104 ytics
noyzeroaxis2.21.105 yzeroaxis
nozdtics2.21.107 zdtics
nozmtics2.21.114 zmtics
noztics2.21.116 ztics
nozzeroaxis2.21.108 zzeroaxis

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