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Index Entry Section

object2.21.54 object
offsets2.21.44 offsets
okidata3.1.0.20 epson-180dpi
one's complement1.13.2.1 Unary
Openstep3.1.0.50 Openstep (next)
OpenStep3.1.0.50 Openstep (next)
openstep3.1.0.50 Openstep (next)
operator precedence1.13.2.1 Unary
operators1.13.2 Operators
origin2.21.45 origin
output2.21.46 output

palette2.21.50 palette
parametric2.21.47 parametric
pause2.11 pause
pbm3.1.0.51 pbm
pcl53.1.0.34 hpgl
pdf3.1.0.53 pdf
pdf5.3 External libraries
plot2.12 plot
plotting1.17 Plotting
pm3d2.21.49 pm3d
pm3d_resources3.1.0.75 x11
pm3d_resources3.1.0.76 x11
png3.1.0.24 png
points2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
pointsize2.21.51 pointsize
polar2.21.52 polar
pop2.21.62 terminal
practical_guidelines2.5.3.2 practical guidelines
prescribe3.1.0.39 kyo
print2.13 print
printing3.1.0.74 windows
pstricks3.1.0.54 pstricks
punctuation1.21 Syntax
push2.21.62 terminal
pwd2.14 pwd

qms3.1.0.55 qms
quit2.15 quit
quotes1.21.1 Quote Marks

raise2.16 raise
rand1.13.1.33 rand
random1.13.1.63 Random number generator
ranges2.12.5 ranges
real1.13.1.34 real
rectangle2.21.54 object
regis3.1.0.56 regis
regis3.1.0.57 regis
replot2.17 replot
reread2.18 reread
reset2.19 reset
restore2.21.88 xrange
rgbcolor1.15.1 colorspec
rgbformulae2.21.50.1 rgbformulae
rgbimage2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
rgip3.1.0.58 rgip
rmargin2.21.55 rmargin
rrange2.21.56 rrange

samples2.21.57 samples
save2.20 save
sbezier2.12.1.6 smooth
seeking-assistance1.3 Seeking-assistance
selanar3.1.0.63 tek40
separator2.21.14.3 set datafile separator
set2.21 set-show
sgn1.13.1.35 sgn
shell2.22 shell
show2.21 set-show
sin1.13.1.36 sin
sinh1.13.1.37 sinh
size2.21.58 size
smooth2.12.1.6 smooth
special-filenames2.12.1.7 special-filenames
specify1.21 Syntax
splot2.23 splot
sprintf1.13.1.42 sprintf
sqrt1.13.1.38 sqrt
ssvgalib3.1.0.22 hercules
starc3.1.0.20 epson-180dpi
start1.18 Start-up
starting_values2.5.6 starting values
startup1.18 Start-up
statistical_overview2.5.3.1 statistical overview
steps2.21.59.8 set style rectangle
strcol1.13.1.52 stringcolumn
string operators1.13.2.2 Binary
stringcolumn1.13.1.52 stringcolumn
strings1.19 String constants and string variables
strlen1.13.1.43 strlen
strstrt1.13.1.44 strstrt
style2.12.7 with
substitution1.20 Substitution and Command line macros
substr1.13.1.45 substr
substring1.13.1.45 substr
substring1.19 String constants and string variables
sun3.1.0.59 sun
surface2.21.60 surface
svg3.1.0.60 svg
svga3.1.0.13 svga
svgalib3.1.0.22 hercules
svgalib5.3 External libraries
syntax1.21 Syntax
system1.13.1.46 system
system2.24 system

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