(PHP 5)

time_nanosleep -- Delay for a number of seconds and nanoseconds


mixed time_nanosleep ( int seconds, int nanoseconds )

Delays program execution for the given number of seconds and nanoseconds.



Must be a positive integer.


Must be a positive integer less than 1 billion.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

If the delay was interrupted by a signal, an associative array will be returned with the components:


Example 1. time_nanosleep() example

// Careful! This won't work as expected if an array is returned
if (time_nanosleep(0, 500000000)) {
"Slept for half a second.\n";

// This is better:
if (time_nanosleep(0, 500000000) === true) {
"Slept for half a second.\n";

// And this is the best:
$nano = time_nanosleep(2, 100000);

if (
$nano === true) {
"Slept for 2 seconds, 100 milliseconds.\n";
} elseif (
$nano === false) {
"Sleeping failed.\n";
} elseif (
is_array($nano)) {
$seconds = $nano['seconds'];
$nanoseconds = $nano['nanoseconds'];
"Interrupted by a signal.\n";
"Time remaining: $seconds seconds, $nanoseconds nanoseconds.";


Note: This function is not implemented on Windows platforms.

See Also

sleep(), usleep(), set_time_limit()