ZEND_WRONG_PARAM_COUNT_WITH_RETVAL -- Generate standard error message and return custom value


#include <zend_API.h>

#include <zend_API.h>

void ZEND_WRONG_PARAM_COUNT_WITH_RETVAL ( mixed return_value )

Note: This macro is part of the API but not used in any bundled or PECL extension

ZEND_WRONG_PARAM_COUNT_WITH_RETVAL() produces a standard warning message for functions or class methods that have been called with a wrong number of parameters and returns its parameter to the calling function. The macro automaticly puts the right function name and class name (if needed) into the error message.

The return_value parameter is returned to the calling function of the current one.

ZEND_WRONG_PARAM_COUNT_WITH_RETVAL() is actually a convenience wrapper for zend_wrong_param_count().