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Used in combination with the configured browser key, the following keys act as handy shortcuts for common navigation tasks.


p - Previous page

n - Next page

h - home

u - Up

The following table shows how to access these from common browsers:


Access Method

Internet Explorer

Alt+Key highlights the link only, so for example to move to the next topic you would need "Alt+n" followed by "Enter".

Firefox 2.0 and later

Alt+Shift+Key follows the link, so for example "Alt+Shift+n" will take you to the next topic.


Press Shift+Esc followed by the access key.


Press and release the Ctrl key, followed by the access key

Some browsers also make these links available in their site-navigation toolbars: in Opera for example you can use Ctrl plus the left and right arrow keys to move between "next" and "previous" topics.