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A GlitzSurface provides a way to render to the X Window System using Glitz.

This provides a way to use OpenGL-accelerated graphics from cairo. If you want to use hardware-accelerated graphics within the X Window system, you should use this Surface type.

For this Surface to be available, cairo must have been compiled with Glitz support
This is an experimental surface. It is not yet marked as a fully supported surface by the cairo library

Public Member Functions

 GlitzSurface (cairo_surface_t *cobject, bool has_reference=false)
 Create a C++ wrapper for the C instance.
virtual ~GlitzSurface ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RefPtr< GlitzSurfacecreate (glitz_surface_t *surface)
 Creates a new GlitzSurface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cairo::GlitzSurface::GlitzSurface ( cairo_surface_t *  cobject,
bool  has_reference = false 
) [explicit]

Create a C++ wrapper for the C instance.

This C++ instance should then be given to a RefPtr.

cobject The C instance.
has_reference whether we already have a reference. Otherwise, the constructor will take an extra reference.

virtual Cairo::GlitzSurface::~GlitzSurface (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

static RefPtr<GlitzSurface> Cairo::GlitzSurface::create ( glitz_surface_t *  surface  )  [static]

Creates a new GlitzSurface.

surface a glitz surface type

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