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A data structure for holding a path.

Use Context::copy_path() or Context::copy_path_flat() to instantiate a new Path. The application is responsible for freeing the Path object when it is no longer needed.

There's currently no way to access the path data without reverting to the C object (see cobj())

Public Types

typedef cairo_path_t cobject

Public Member Functions

const cobjectcobj () const
cobjectcobj ()
 Path (cairo_path_t *cobject, bool take_ownership=false)
virtual ~Path ()

Protected Attributes


Member Typedef Documentation

typedef cairo_path_t Cairo::Path::cobject

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cairo::Path::Path ( cairo_path_t *  cobject,
bool  take_ownership = false 
) [explicit]

virtual Cairo::Path::~Path (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

const cobject* Cairo::Path::cobj (  )  const [inline]

References m_cobject.

cobject* Cairo::Path::cobj (  )  [inline]

References m_cobject.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by cobj().

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