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TestNamer.h File Reference

#include <cppunit/Portability.h>
#include <string>

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class  TestNamer
 Names a test or a fixture suite. More...


#define CPPUNIT_TESTNAMER_DECL(variableName, FixtureType)   CPPUNIT_NS::TestNamer variableName( std::string(#FixtureType) )
 Declares a TestNamer.

Define Documentation

#define CPPUNIT_TESTNAMER_DECL ( variableName,
FixtureType   )     CPPUNIT_NS::TestNamer variableName( std::string(#FixtureType) )

Declares a TestNamer.

Declares a TestNamer for the specified type, using RTTI if enabled, otherwise using macro string expansion.

RTTI is used if CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO_NAME is defined and not null.

 void someMethod() 
   CPPUNIT_TESTNAMER_DECL( namer, AFixtureType );
   std::string fixtureName = namer.getFixtureName();

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