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ConcretTestFixtureFactory< TestFixtureType > Class Template Reference

Concret TestFixture factory (Implementation). More...

#include <TestFixtureFactory.h>

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Private Member Functions

TestFixturemakeFixture ()
 Returns a new TestFixture instance.

Detailed Description

template<class TestFixtureType>
class ConcretTestFixtureFactory< TestFixtureType >

Concret TestFixture factory (Implementation).

Implementation detail. Use by HelperMacros to handle TestFixture hierarchy.

Member Function Documentation

template<class TestFixtureType >
TestFixture* ConcretTestFixtureFactory< TestFixtureType >::makeFixture (  )  [inline, private]

Returns a new TestFixture instance.

A new fixture instance. The fixture instance is returned by the TestFixtureFactory passed on construction. The actual type is that of the fixture on which the static method suite() was called.

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