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RepeatedTest Member List

This is the complete list of members for RepeatedTest, including all inherited members.

checkIsValidIndex(int index) const Test [protected, virtual]
countTestCases() const RepeatedTest [virtual]
doGetChildTestAt(int index) const TestDecorator [protected, virtual]
findTest(const std::string &testName) const Test [virtual]
findTestPath(const std::string &testName, TestPath &testPath) const Test [virtual]
findTestPath(const Test *test, TestPath &testPath) const Test [virtual]
getChildTestAt(int index) const Test [virtual]
getChildTestCount() const TestDecorator [virtual]
getName() const TestDecorator [virtual]
m_testTestDecorator [protected]
m_timesRepeatRepeatedTest [private]
operator=(const RepeatedTest &)RepeatedTest [private]
RepeatedTest(Test *test, int timesRepeat)RepeatedTest [inline]
RepeatedTest(const RepeatedTest &)RepeatedTest [private]
resolveTestPath(const std::string &testPath) const Test [virtual]
run(TestResult *result)RepeatedTest [virtual]
TestDecorator(Test *test)TestDecorator
~Test()Test [inline, virtual]

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