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TestPlugInInterface Class Reference

Abstract TestPlugIn for DLL. More...

#include <TestPlugInInterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TestPlugInInterface ()
virtual CppUnit::Test * makeTest ()=0

Detailed Description

Abstract TestPlugIn for DLL.

Use CppUnitTestPlugIn instead.
A Test plug-in DLL must subclass this class and "publish" an instance using the following exported function:
 extern "C" {
   __declspec(dllimport) TestPlugInInterface *GetTestPlugInInterface();

When loading the DLL, the TestPlugIn runner look-up this function and retreives the

See the TestPlugIn example for VC++ for details.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual TestPlugInInterface::~TestPlugInInterface (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual CppUnit::Test* TestPlugInInterface::makeTest (  )  [pure virtual]

Returns an instance of the "All Tests" suite.

Instance of the top-level suite that contains all test. Ownership is granted to the method caller.

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