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XmlDocument Class Reference

A XML Document. More...

#include <XmlDocument.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XmlDocument (const std::string &encoding="", const std::string &styleSheet="")
 Constructs a XmlDocument object.
virtual ~XmlDocument ()
std::string encoding () const
void setEncoding (const std::string &encoding="")
std::string styleSheet () const
void setStyleSheet (const std::string &styleSheet="")
bool standalone () const
void setStandalone (bool standalone)
 set the output document as standalone or not.
void setRootElement (XmlElement *rootElement)
XmlElementrootElement () const
std::string toString () const

Protected Attributes

std::string m_encoding
std::string m_styleSheet
bool m_standalone

Private Member Functions

 XmlDocument (const XmlDocument &copy)
 Prevents the use of the copy constructor.
void operator= (const XmlDocument &copy)
 Prevents the use of the copy operator.

Detailed Description

A XML Document.

A XmlDocument represents a XML file. It holds a pointer on the root XmlElement of the document. It also holds the encoding and style sheet used.

By default, the XML document is stand-alone and tagged with enconding "ISO-8859-1".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPPUNIT_NS_BEGIN XmlDocument::XmlDocument ( const std::string &  encoding = "",
const std::string &  styleSheet = "" 

Constructs a XmlDocument object.

encoding Encoding used in the XML file (default is Latin-1, ISO-8859-1 ).
styleSheet Name of the XSL style sheet file used. If empty then no style sheet will be specified in the output.

XmlDocument::~XmlDocument (  )  [virtual]


XmlDocument::XmlDocument ( const XmlDocument copy  )  [private]

Prevents the use of the copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

std::string XmlDocument::encoding (  )  const

void XmlDocument::operator= ( const XmlDocument copy  )  [private]

Prevents the use of the copy operator.

XmlElement & XmlDocument::rootElement (  )  const

void XmlDocument::setEncoding ( const std::string &  encoding = ""  ) 

void XmlDocument::setRootElement ( XmlElement rootElement  ) 

void XmlDocument::setStandalone ( bool  standalone  ) 

set the output document as standalone or not.

For the output document, specify wether it's a standalone XML document, or not.

standalone if true, the output will be specified as standalone. if false, it will be not.

void XmlDocument::setStyleSheet ( const std::string &  styleSheet = ""  ) 

bool XmlDocument::standalone (  )  const

std::string XmlDocument::styleSheet (  )  const

std::string XmlDocument::toString (  )  const

Member Data Documentation

std::string XmlDocument::m_encoding [protected]

bool XmlDocument::m_standalone [protected]

std::string XmlDocument::m_styleSheet [protected]

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