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XmlOutputterHook Class Reference

Hook to customize Xml output. More...

#include <XmlOutputterHook.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void beginDocument (XmlDocument *document)
virtual void endDocument (XmlDocument *document)
virtual void failTestAdded (XmlDocument *document, XmlElement *testElement, Test *test, TestFailure *failure)
virtual void successfulTestAdded (XmlDocument *document, XmlElement *testElement, Test *test)
virtual void statisticsAdded (XmlDocument *document, XmlElement *statisticsElement)
virtual ~XmlOutputterHook ()

Detailed Description

Hook to customize Xml output.

XmlOutputterHook can be passed to XmlOutputter to customize the XmlDocument.

Common customizations are:

See examples/ClockerPlugIn which makes use of most the hook.

Another simple example of an outputter hook is shown below. It may be used to add some meta information to your result files. In the example, the author name as well as the project name and test creation date is added to the head of the xml file.

In order to make this information stored within the xml file, the virtual member function beginDocument() is overriden where a new XmlElement object is created.

This element is simply added to the root node of the document which makes the information automatically being stored when the xml file is written.

 #include <cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h>
 #include <cppunit/XmlElement.h>
 #include <cppunit/tools/StringTools.h>
 class MyXmlOutputterHook : public CppUnit::XmlOutputterHook
   MyXmlOutputterHook(const std::string projectName,
                      const std::string author)
      m_projectName = projectName;
      m_author      = author;
   virtual ~MyXmlOutputterHook()
   void beginDocument(CppUnit::XmlDocument* document)
     if (!document)

     // dump current time
     std::string szDate          = CppUnit::StringTools::toString( (int)time(0) );
     CppUnit::XmlElement* metaEl = new CppUnit::XmlElement("SuiteInfo", 

     metaEl->addElement( new CppUnit::XmlElement("Author", m_author) );
     metaEl->addElement( new CppUnit::XmlElement("Project", m_projectName) );
     metaEl->addElement( new CppUnit::XmlElement("Date", szDate ) );
   std::string m_projectName;
   std::string m_author;

Within your application's main code, you need to snap the hook object into your xml outputter object like shown below:

 CppUnit::TextUi::TestRunner runner;
 std::ofstream outputFile("testResults.xml");
 CppUnit::XmlOutputter* outputter = new CppUnit::XmlOutputter( &runner.result(),
                                                               outputFile );    
 MyXmlOutputterHook hook("myProject", "meAuthor");
 runner.addTest( VectorFixture::suite() );   

This results into the following output:


See also:
XmlOutputter, CppUnitTestPlugIn.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual XmlOutputterHook::~XmlOutputterHook (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

CPPUNIT_NS_BEGIN void XmlOutputterHook::beginDocument ( XmlDocument document  )  [virtual]

Called before any elements is added to the root element.

document XML Document being created.

void XmlOutputterHook::endDocument ( XmlDocument document  )  [virtual]

Called after adding all elements to the root element.

document XML Document being created.

void XmlOutputterHook::failTestAdded ( XmlDocument document,
XmlElement testElement,
Test test,
TestFailure failure 
) [virtual]

Called after adding a fail test element.

document XML Document being created.
testElement <FailedTest> element.
test Test that failed.
failure Test failure data.

void XmlOutputterHook::statisticsAdded ( XmlDocument document,
XmlElement statisticsElement 
) [virtual]

Called after adding the statistic element.

document XML Document being created.
statisticsElement <Statistics> element.

void XmlOutputterHook::successfulTestAdded ( XmlDocument document,
XmlElement testElement,
Test test 
) [virtual]

Called after adding a successful test element.

document XML Document being created.
testElement <Test> element.
test Test that was successful.

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