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Deprecated List

Member Asserter::fail (std::string message, const SourceLine &sourceLine=SourceLine())
Use fail( Message, SourceLine ) instead.

Member Asserter::failIf (bool shouldFail, std::string message, const SourceLine &sourceLine=SourceLine())
Use failIf( bool, Message, SourceLine ) instead.

Member CompilerOutputter::defaultOutputter (TestResultCollector *result, OStream &stream)
This class is specialized through parameterization instead of subclassing... Use CompilerOutputter::CompilerOutputter instead.

Member TestCase::TestCase ()
This constructor was used by fixture when TestFixture did not exist. Have your fixture inherits TestFixture instead of TestCase.

Member TestFactoryRegistry::registerFactory (const std::string &name, TestFactory *factory)
Use registerFactory( TestFactory *) instead.

Class TestPlugInInterface
Use CppUnitTestPlugIn instead.

Member TestSuite::getTests () const
Use getChildTestCount() & getChildTestAt() of the TestComposite interface instead.

Member QtUi::TestRunner
Use CppUnit::QtTestRunner instead.

Member MfcUi::TestRunner
Use CppUnit::MfcTestRunner instead.

Member TextUi::TestRunner
Use TextTestRunner instead.

Use the assertion macro CPPUNIT_ASSERT_THROW instead.

Use the assertion macro CPPUNIT_ASSERT_ASSERTION_FAIL instead.

Member TestRunner
Use CppUnit::MfcUi::TestRunner instead.

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