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Browsing collected test result

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class  Exception
 Exceptions thrown by failed assertions.

Exception is an exception that serves descriptive strings through its what() method. More...

class  SourceLine
 Represents a source line location.

Used to capture the failure location in assertion. More...

class  Test
 Base class for all test objects.

All test objects should be a subclass of Test. Some test objects, TestCase for example, represent one individual test. Other test objects, such as TestSuite, are comprised of several tests. More...

class  TestFailure
 Record of a failed Test execution.

A TestFailure collects a failed test together with the caught exception. More...

class  TestResultCollector
 Collects test result.

A TestResultCollector is a TestListener which collects the results of executing a test case. It is an instance of the Collecting Parameter pattern. More...

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