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Executing test

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class  TestPath
 A List of Test representing a path to access a Test.

The path can be converted to a string and resolved from a string with toString() and TestPath( Test *root, const std::string &pathAsString ). More...

class  TestRunner
 Generic test runner.

The TestRunner assumes ownership of all added tests: you can not add test or suite that are local variable since they can't be deleted. More...

class  MfcTestRunner
 MFC test runner.

Use this to launch the MFC TestRunner. Usually called from you CWinApp subclass:. More...

class  QtTestRunner
 QT test runner.

Here is an example of usage:. More...

class  TextTestRunner
 A text mode test runner.

The test runner manage the life cycle of the added tests. More...


typedef CPPUNIT_NS::MfcTestRunner TestRunner
 MFC test runner (DEPRECATED).

Typedef Documentation

typedef CPPUNIT_NS::MfcTestRunner TestRunner

MFC test runner (DEPRECATED).

Use CppUnit::MfcUi::TestRunner instead.

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