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Tracking test execution


class  BriefTestProgressListener
 TestListener that prints the name of each test before running it. More...
class  TestListener
 Listener for test progress and result.

Implementing the Observer pattern a TestListener may be registered to a TestResult to obtain information on the testing progress. Use specialized sub classes of TestListener for text output (TextTestProgressListener). Do not use the Listener for the test result output, use a subclass of Outputter instead. More...

class  TestResult
 Manages TestListener.

A single instance of this class is used when running the test. It is usually created by the test runner (TestRunner). More...

class  TestSuccessListener
 TestListener that checks if any test case failed. More...
class  TextTestProgressListener
 TestListener that show the status of each TestCase test result. More...
class  TextTestResult
 Holds printable test result (DEPRECATED).

deprecated Use class TextTestProgressListener and TextOutputter instead. More...

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