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Writing test result

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class  CompilerOutputter
 Outputs a TestResultCollector in a compiler compatible format.

Printing the test results in a compiler compatible format (assertion location has the same format as compiler error), allow you to use your IDE to jump to the assertion failure. Location format can be customized (see setLocationFormat() ). More...

class  Outputter
 Abstract outputter to print test result summary. More...
class  TestResultCollector
 Collects test result.

A TestResultCollector is a TestListener which collects the results of executing a test case. It is an instance of the Collecting Parameter pattern. More...

class  TextOutputter
 Prints a TestResultCollector to a text stream. More...
class  TextTestRunner
 A text mode test runner.

The test runner manage the life cycle of the added tests. More...

class  XmlOutputter
 Outputs a TestResultCollector in XML format.

Save the test result as a XML stream. More...

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