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Actually, yyIN_HEADER is defined before the `%top' block.


The quantities given here are approximate, and may vary due to host architecture, compiler configuration, or due to future enhancements to flex.


It is not necessary to override all (or any) of the memory management routines. You may, for example, override yyrealloc, but not yyfree or yyalloc.


GNU make and GNU automake are two such programs that provide implicit rules for flex-generated scanners.


GNU automake may generate code to execute flex in lex-compatible mode, or to stdout. If this is not what you want, then you should provide an explicit rule in your Makefile.am


This example also applies to yacc parsers.


The features described here are purely optional, and are by no means the only way to use flex with bison. We merely provide some glue to ease development of your parser-scanner pair.


The use of m4 is subject to change in future revisions of flex. It is not part of the public API of flex. Do not depend on it.

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