List of Figures

2.1 Graphical history of the hello repository
3.1 Divergent recent histories of the my-hello and my-new-hello repositories
3.2 Repository contents after pulling from my-hello into my-new-hello
3.3 Working directory and repository during merge, and following commit
3.4 Conflicting changes to a document
3.5 Using kdiff3 to merge versions of a file
4.1 Relationships between files in working directory and filelogs in repository
4.2 Metadata relationships
4.3 Snapshot of a revlog, with incremental deltas
4.5 The working directory can have two parents
4.6 The working directory gains new parents after a commit
4.7 The working directory, updated to an older changeset
4.8 After a commit made while synced to an older changeset
4.9 Merging two heads
5.1 Simulating an empty directory using a hidden file
6.1 Feature branches
9.1 Backing out a change using the “hg backout” command
9.2 Automated backout of a non-tip change using the “hg backout” command
9.3 Backing out a change using the “hg backout” command
9.4 Manually merging a backout change
10.1 A simple hook that runs when a changeset is committed
10.2 Defining a second commit hook
10.3 Using the pretxncommit hook to control commits
10.4 A hook that forbids overly short commit messages
10.5 A simple hook that checks for trailing whitespace
10.6 A better trailing whitespace hook
11.1 Template keywords in use
11.2 Template filters in action
12.1 Simple uses of the diff and patch commands
12.2 Contents to add to ~/.hgrc to enable the MQ extension
12.3 How to verify that MQ is enabled
12.4 Preparing a repository for use with MQ
12.5 Creating a new patch
12.6 Refreshing a patch
12.7 Refresh a patch many times to accumulate changes
12.8 Stacking a second patch on top of the first
12.9 Understanding the patch stack with “hg qseries” and “hg qapplied
12.10 Applied and unapplied patches in the MQ patch stack
12.11 Modifying the stack of applied patches
12.12 Pushing all unapplied patches
12.13 Forcibly creating a patch
12.14 Using MQ’s tag features to work with patches
12.15 The diffstat, filterdiff, and lsdiff commands