33.43. usage_privileges

The view usage_privileges is meant to identify USAGE privileges granted on various kinds of objects to a currently enabled role or by a currently enabled role. In PostgreSQL, this currently only applies to domains, and since domains do not have real privileges in PostgreSQL, this view shows implicit USAGE privileges granted to PUBLIC for all domains. In the future, this view might contain more useful information.

Table 33-41. usage_privileges Columns

NameData TypeDescription
grantorsql_identifierCurrently set to the name of the owner of the object
granteesql_identifierCurrently always PUBLIC
object_catalogsql_identifierName of the database containing the object (always the current database)
object_schemasql_identifierName of the schema containing the object
object_namesql_identifierName of the object
object_typecharacter_dataCurrently always DOMAIN
privilege_typecharacter_dataAlways USAGE
is_grantablecharacter_dataCurrently always NO