Graphs and diagrams

Doxygen has built-in support to generate inheritance diagrams for C++ classes.

Doxygen can use the "dot" tool from graphviz to generate more advanced diagrams and graphs. Graphviz is an open-source, cross-platform graph drawing toolkit and can be found at

If you have the "dot" tool in the path, you can set HAVE_DOT to YES in the configuration file to let doxygen use it.

Doxygen uses the "dot" tool to generate the following graphs:

Using a layout file you can determine which of the graphs are actually shown.

The options DOT_GRAPH_MAX_NODES and MAX_DOT_GRAPH_DEPTH can be used to limit the size of the various graphs.

The elements in the class diagrams in HTML and RTF have the following meaning:

The elements in the class diagram in $\mbox{\LaTeX}$ have the following meaning:

The elements in the graphs generated by the dot tool have the following meaning:

Here are a couple of header files that together show the various diagrams that doxygen can generate:


#ifndef _DIAGRAMS_A_H
#define _DIAGRAMS_A_H
class A { public: A *m_self; };
#ifndef _DIAGRAMS_B_H
#define _DIAGRAMS_B_H
class A;
class B { public: A *m_a; };
#ifndef _DIAGRAMS_C_H
#define _DIAGRAMS_C_H
#include "diagrams_c.h"
class D;
class C : public A { public: D *m_d; };
#ifndef _DIAGRAM_D_H
#define _DIAGRAM_D_H
#include "diagrams_a.h"
#include "diagrams_b.h"
class C;
class D : virtual protected  A, private B { public: C m_c; };
#ifndef _DIAGRAM_E_H
#define _DIAGRAM_E_H
#include "diagrams_d.h"
class E : public D {};

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