std::integral_constant< _Tp, __v > Struct Template Reference
[Type Traits]

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Inherited by std::__is_integral_helper< typename >, std::__is_member_object_pointer_helper< typename >, std::__is_pointer_helper< typename >, std::__is_void_helper< typename >, std::chrono::__is_duration< _Tp >, std::is_array< typename >, std::is_const< typename >, std::is_error_code_enum< _Tp >, std::is_function< typename >, std::is_rvalue_reference< typename >, std::is_volatile< typename >, and std::tr1::is_reference< typename >.

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template<typename _Tp, _Tp __v>
struct std::integral_constant< _Tp, __v >


Definition at line 67 of file tr1_impl/type_traits.

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