8.3 Major release checklist

A “major release” means an update of x in 2.x.0.

Before release:

* write release notes. note: stringent size requirements for various websites, so be brief.

* write preface section for manual.

* submit pots for translation : send url of tarball to translation@iro.umontreal.ca, mentioning lilypond-VERSION.pot

* Check reg test

* Check all 2ly scripts.

* Run convert-ly on all files, bump parser minimum version.

* Make FTP directories on lilypond.org

* website: - Make new table in download.html

- add to documentation list

- revise examples tour.html/howto.html

- add to front-page quick links

- change all links to the stable documentation

- doc auto redirects to v2.LATEST-STABLE


comp.music.research comp.os.linux.announce

comp.text.tex rec.music.compose



linux-audio-announce@lists.linuxaudio.org linux-audio-user@lists.linuxaudio.org linux-audio-dev@lists.linuxaudio.org


— non-existant? abcusers@blackmill.net

rosegarden-user@lists.sourceforge.net info-gnu@gnu.org noteedit-user@berlios.de

gmane.comp.audio.fomus.devel gmane.linux.audio.users gmane.linux.audio.announce gmane.comp.audio.rosegarden.devel


lilypond.org freshmeat.net linuxfr.com http://www.apple.com/downloads harmony-central.com (news@harmony-central.com) versiontracker.com [auto] hitsquad.com [auto] http://www.svgx.org

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