3.1.11 BarLine

BarLine objects are created by: Bar_engraver.

Standard settings:

break-align-symbol (symbol):


This key is used for aligning and spacing breakable items.

break-align-anchor (number):


Grobs aligned to this break-align grob will have their X-offsets shifted by this number. In bar lines, for example, this is used to position grobs relative to the (visual) center of the bar line.

glyph (string):


A string determining what ‘style’ of glyph is typeset. Valid choices depend on the function that is reading this property.

gap (dimension, in staff space):


Size of a gap in a variable symbol.

layer (integer):


The output layer (a value between 0 and 2): Layers define the order of printing objects. Objects in lower layers are overprinted by objects in higher layers.

break-visibility (vector):


A vector of 3 booleans, #(end-of-line unbroken begin-of-line). #t means visible, #f means killed.

non-musical (boolean):


True if the grob belongs to a NonMusicalPaperColumn.

stencil (unknown):


The symbol to print.

bar-size (dimension, in staff space):


The size of a bar line.

allow-span-bar (boolean):


If false, no inter-staff bar line will be created below this bar line.

space-alist (list):

'((time-signature extra-space . 0.75) (custos minimum-space . 2.0) (clef minimum-space . 1.0) (key-signature extra-space . 1.0) (key-cancellation extra-space . 1.0) (first-note fixed-space . 1.3) (next-note semi-fixed-space . 0.9) (right-edge extra-space . 0.0))

A table that specifies distances between prefatory items, like clef and time-signature. The format is an alist of spacing tuples: (break-align-symbol type . distance), where type can be the symbols minimum-space or extra-space.

kern (dimension, in staff space):


Amount of extra white space to add. For bar lines, this is the amount of space after a thick line.

thin-kern (number):


The space after a hair-line in a bar line.

hair-thickness (number):


Thickness of the thin line in a bar line.

thick-thickness (number):


Bar line thickness, measured in line-thickness.

This object supports the following interface(s): item-interface, font-interface, break-aligned-interface, bar-line-interface and grob-interface.

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