2.1.7 FiguredBass

(not documented)

This context creates the following layout object(s):

BassFigureAlignment, BassFigureBracket, BassFigureContinuation, BassFigureLine, BassFigure, StaffSpacing and VerticalAxisGroup.

This context sets the following properties:

This context is a ‘bottom’ context; it cannot contain other contexts.

This context is built from the following engraver(s):


Like Axis_group_engraver, but make a hara-kiri spanner, and add interesting items (i.e., note heads, lyric syllables, and normal rests).

Properties (read)

keepAliveInterfaces (list)

A list of symbols, signifying grob interfaces that are worth keeping a staff with remove-empty set around for.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):



Generate objects for computing spacing parameters.

Properties (read)

createSpacing (boolean)

Create StaffSpacing objects? Should be set for staves.

Properties (write)

hasStaffSpacing (boolean)

True if the current CommandColumn contains items that will affect spacing.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):



Swallow \skip.


Swallow notes.


Make figured bass numbers.

Music types accepted:

bass-figure-event and rest-event

Properties (read)

figuredBassAlterationDirection (direction)

Where to put alterations relative to the main figure.

figuredBassCenterContinuations (boolean)

Whether to vertically center pairs of extender lines. This does not work with three or more lines.

figuredBassFormatter (procedure)

A routine generating a markup for a bass figure.

implicitBassFigures (list)

A list of bass figures that are not printed as numbers, but only as extender lines.

useBassFigureExtenders (boolean)

Whether to use extender lines for repeated bass figures.

ignoreFiguredBassRest (boolean)

Don’t swallow rest events.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):

BassFigure, BassFigureAlignment, BassFigureBracket, BassFigureContinuation and BassFigureLine.

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