3.1.52 LedgerLineSpanner

LedgerLineSpanner objects are created by: Ledger_line_engraver.

Standard settings:

springs-and-rods (boolean):


Dummy variable for triggering spacing routines.

stencil (unknown):


The symbol to print.

X-extent (pair of numbers):


Hard coded extent in X direction.

Y-extent (pair of numbers):


Hard coded extent in Y direction.

minimum-length-fraction (number):


Minimum length of ledger line as fraction of note head size.

length-fraction (number):


Multiplier for lengths. Used for determining ledger lines and stem lengths.

layer (integer):


The output layer (a value between 0 and 2): Layers define the order of printing objects. Objects in lower layers are overprinted by objects in higher layers.

This object supports the following interface(s): spanner-interface, ledger-line-spanner-interface and grob-interface.

Internals Reference