2.2.62 Multi_measure_rest_engraver

Engrave multi-measure rests that are produced with ‘R’. It reads measurePosition and internalBarNumber to determine what number to print over the MultiMeasureRest. Reads measureLength to determine whether it should use a whole rest or a breve rest to represent one measure.

Music types accepted:

multi-measure-text-event and multi-measure-rest-event

Properties (read)

internalBarNumber (integer)

Contains the current barnumber. This property is used for internal timekeeping, among others by the Accidental_engraver.

restNumberThreshold (number)

If a multimeasure rest has more measures than this, a number is printed.

breakableSeparationItem (layout object)

The breakable items in this time step, for this staff.

currentCommandColumn (layout object)

Grob that is X-parent to all current breakable (clef, key signature, etc.) items.

measurePosition (moment)

How much of the current measure have we had. This can be set manually to create incomplete measures.

measureLength (moment)

Length of one measure in the current time signature.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):

MultiMeasureRest, MultiMeasureRestNumber and MultiMeasureRestText.

Multi_measure_rest_engraver is part of the following context(s): CueVoice, DrumVoice, GregorianTranscriptionVoice, MensuralVoice, TabVoice, VaticanaVoice and Voice.

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