2.2.76 Part_combine_engraver

Part combine engraver for orchestral scores: Print markings ‘a2’, ‘Solo’, ‘Solo II’, and ‘unisono’.

Music types accepted:


Properties (read)

printPartCombineTexts (boolean)

Set ‘Solo’ and ‘A due’ texts in the part combiner?

soloText (markup)

The text for the start of a solo when part-combining.

soloIIText (markup)

The text for the start of a solo for voice ‘two’ when part-combining.

aDueText (markup)

Text to print at a unisono passage.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):


Part_combine_engraver is part of the following context(s): CueVoice, DrumVoice, GregorianTranscriptionVoice, MensuralVoice, TabVoice, VaticanaVoice and Voice.

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