2.2.80 Piano_pedal_engraver

Engrave piano pedal symbols and brackets.

Music types accepted:

una-corda-event, sustain-event and sostenuto-event

Properties (read)

currentCommandColumn (layout object)

Grob that is X-parent to all current breakable (clef, key signature, etc.) items.

pedalSostenutoStrings (list)

See pedalSustainStrings.

pedalSostenutoStyle (symbol)

See pedalSustainStyle.

pedalSustainStrings (list)

A list of strings to print for sustain-pedal. Format is (up updown down), where each of the three is the string to print when this is done with the pedal.

pedalSustainStyle (symbol)

A symbol that indicates how to print sustain pedals: text, bracket or mixed (both).

pedalUnaCordaStrings (list)

See pedalSustainStrings.

pedalUnaCordaStyle (symbol)

See pedalSustainStyle.

This engraver creates the following layout object(s):

PianoPedalBracket, SostenutoPedal, SustainPedal and UnaCordaPedal.

Piano_pedal_engraver is part of the following context(s): GregorianTranscriptionStaff, MensuralStaff, Staff, TabStaff and VaticanaStaff.

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