3.1.120 TupletNumber

TupletNumber objects are created by: Tuplet_engraver.

Standard settings:

stencil (unknown):


The symbol to print.

text (markup):


Text markup. See Formatting text.

font-shape (symbol):


Select the shape of a font. Choices include upright, italic, caps.

font-size (number):


The font size, compared to the ‘normal’ size. 0 is style-sheet’s normal size, -1 is smaller, +1 is bigger. Each step of 1 is approximately 12% larger; 6 steps are exactly a factor 2 larger. Fractional values are allowed.

avoid-slur (symbol):


Method of handling slur collisions. Choices are around, inside, outside. If unset, scripts and slurs ignore each other. around only moves the script if there is a collision; outside always moves the script.

This object supports the following interface(s): tuplet-number-interface, text-interface, spanner-interface, font-interface and grob-interface.

Internals Reference