3.2.7 axis-group-interface

An object that groups other layout objects.

User settable properties:

axes (list)

List of axis numbers. In the case of alignment grobs, this should contain only one number.

keep-fixed-while-stretching (boolean)

A grob with this property set to true is fixed relative to the staff above it when systems are stretched.

max-stretch (number)

The maximum amount that this VerticalAxisGroup can be vertically stretched (for example, in order to better fill a page).

no-alignment (boolean)

If set, don’t place this grob in a VerticalAlignment; rather, place it using its own Y-offset callback.

vertical-skylines (unknown)

Two skylines, one above and one below this grob.

Internal properties:

X-common (layout object)

Common reference point for axis group.

Y-common (layout object)

See X-common.

adjacent-pure-heights (vector)

Used by a VerticalAxisGroup to cache the Y-extents of different column ranges.

elements (unknown)

A list of grobs; the type is depending on the grob where this is set in.

pure-Y-common (layout object)

A cache of the common_refpoint_of_array of the elements grob set.

pure-relevant-items (unknown)

A subset of elements that are relevant for finding the pure-Y-extent.

pure-relevant-spanners (unknown)

A subset of elements that are relevant for finding the pure-Y-extent.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): Ambitus, BassFigureAlignment, BassFigureAlignmentPositioning, BassFigureLine, BreakAlignGroup, BreakAlignment, DotColumn, DynamicLineSpanner, NonMusicalPaperColumn, NoteCollision, NoteColumn, PaperColumn, SostenutoPedalLineSpanner, SustainPedalLineSpanner, System, TrillPitchGroup, UnaCordaPedalLineSpanner, VerticalAlignment, VerticalAxisGroup and VoltaBracketSpanner.

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