3.2.89 spaceable-grob-interface

A layout object that takes part in the spacing problem.

User settable properties:

allow-loose-spacing (boolean)

If set, column can be detached from main spacing.

keep-inside-line (boolean)

If set, this column cannot have objects sticking into the margin.

measure-length (moment)

Length of a measure. Used in some spacing situations.

Internal properties:

ideal-distances (list)

(obj . (dist . strength)) pairs.

left-neighbors (unknown)

A list of spacing-wishes grobs that are close to the current column.

The closest spacing-wishes determine the actual distances between the columns.

minimum-distances (list)

A list of rods that have the format (obj . dist).

right-neighbors (unknown)

See left-neighbors.

spacing-wishes (unknown)

List of note spacing or staff spacing objects.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): NonMusicalPaperColumn and PaperColumn.

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