3.2.96 staff-symbol-interface

This spanner draws the lines of a staff. A staff symbol defines a vertical unit, the staff space. Quantities that go by a half staff space are called positions. The center (i.e., middle line or space) is position 0. The length of the symbol may be set by hand through the width property.

User settable properties:

ledger-line-thickness (pair of numbers)

The thickness of ledger lines. It is the sum of 2 numbers: The first is the factor for line thickness, and the second for staff space. Both contributions are added.

line-count (integer)

The number of staff lines.

line-positions (list)

Vertical positions of staff lines.

staff-space (dimension, in staff space)

Amount of space between staff lines, expressed in global staff-space.

thickness (number)

Line thickness, generally measured in line-thickness.

width (dimension, in staff space)

The width of a grob measured in staff space.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): StaffSymbol.

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