3.2.103 system-interface

This is the top-level object: Each object in a score ultimately has a System object as its X and Y parent.

User settable properties:

labels (list)

List of labels (symbols) placed on a column

skyline-horizontal-padding (number)

For determining the vertical distance between two staves, it is possible to have a configuration which would result in a tight interleaving of grobs from the top staff and the bottom staff. The larger this parameter is, the farther apart the staves are placed in such a configuration.

Internal properties:

all-elements (unknown)

A list of all grobs in this line. Its function is to protect objects from being garbage collected.

columns (unknown)

A list of grobs, typically containing PaperColumn or NoteColumn objects.

pure-Y-extent (pair of numbers)

The estimated height of a system.

skyline-distance (number)

The distance between this staff and the next one, as determined by a skyline algorithm.

spaceable-staves (unknown)

Objects to be spaced during page layout.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): System.

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