3.2.107 text-interface

A Scheme markup text, see Formatting text and New markup command definition.

There are two important commands: ly:text-interface::print, which is a grob callback, and ly:text-interface::interpret-markup.

User settable properties:

baseline-skip (dimension, in staff space)

Distance between base lines of multiple lines of text.

text (markup)

Text markup. See Formatting text.

text-direction (direction)

This controls the ordering of the words. The default RIGHT is for roman text. Arabic or Hebrew should use LEFT.

word-space (dimension, in staff space)

Space to insert between words in texts.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): BalloonTextItem, BarNumber, BassFigure, BreathingSign, ChordName, CombineTextScript, DoublePercentRepeatCounter, DynamicText, DynamicTextSpanner, Fingering, InstrumentSwitch, LyricText, MetronomeMark, MultiMeasureRestNumber, MultiMeasureRestText, NoteName, OctavateEight, OttavaBracket, PercentRepeatCounter, RehearsalMark, SostenutoPedal, StanzaNumber, StringNumber, StrokeFinger, SustainPedal, TabNoteHead, TextScript, TupletNumber, UnaCordaPedal and VoltaBracket.

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