1.2.6 Problems

For help and questions use lilypond-user@gnu.org. Send bug reports to bug-lilypond@gnu.org.

Bugs that are not fault of LilyPond are documented here.

Bison 1.875

There is a bug in bison-1.875: compilation fails with "parse error before ‘goto’" in line 4922 due to a bug in bison. To fix, please recompile bison 1.875 with the following fix

$ cd lily; make out/parser.cc
$ vi +4919 out/parser.cc
# append a semicolon to the line containing "__attribute__ ((__unused__))
# save
$ make


Solaris7, ./configure

./configure’ needs a POSIX compliant shell. On Solaris7, ‘/bin/sh’ is not yet POSIX compliant, but ‘/bin/ksh’ or bash is. Run configure like

CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ksh ksh -c ./configure


CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/bash bash -c ./configure


To use system fonts, dejaview must be installed. With the default port, the fonts are installed in ‘usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/dejavu’.

Open the file ‘$LILYPONDBASE/usr/etc/fonts/local.conf’ and add the following line just after the <fontconfig> line. (Adjust as necessary for your hierarchy.)


International fonts

On MacOS X, all fonts are installed by default. However, finding all system fonts requires a bit of configuration; see this post on the lilypond-user mailing list.

On Linux, international fonts are installed by different means on every distribution. We cannot list the exact commands or packages that are necessary, as each distribution is different, and the exact package names within each distribution changes. Here are some hints, though:

Red Hat Fedora

    taipeifonts fonts-xorg-truetype ttfonts-ja fonts-arabic \
         ttfonts-zh_CN fonts-ja fonts-hebrew

Debian GNU/Linux

   apt-get install emacs-intl-fonts xfonts-intl-.* \
        ttf-kochi-gothic ttf-kochi-mincho \
        xfonts-bolkhov-75dpi xfonts-cronyx-100dpi xfonts-cronyx-75dpi

Application Usage