2.4.3 Banjo

Banjo tablatures

LilyPond has basic support for the five-string banjo. When making tablatures for five-string banjo, use the banjo tablature format function to get correct fret numbers for the fifth string:

\new TabStaff <<
  \set TabStaff.tablatureFormat = #fret-number-tablature-format-banjo
  \set TabStaff.stringTunings = #banjo-open-g-tuning
    g8 d' g'\5 a b g e d' |
    g4 d''8\5 b' a'\2 g'\5 e'\2 d' |

[image of music]

A number of common tunings for banjo are predefined in LilyPond: banjo-c-tuning (gCGBD), banjo-modal-tuning (gDGCD), banjo-open-d-tuning (aDF#AD) and banjo-open-dm-tuning (aDFAD).

These tunings may be converted to four-string banjo tunings using the four-string-banjo function:

\set TabStaff.stringTunings = #(four-string-banjo banjo-c-tuning)

See also

Snippets: Fretted strings.

The file ‘scm/output-lib.scm’ contains predefined banjo tunings.

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