2.1.1 Common notation for vocal music

This section discusses issues related to vocal music in general, and to some particular styles of vocal music.

References for vocal music and lyrics

Various issues may arise when engraving vocal music. Some of these are discussed in this section, while others are explained elsewhere:



Song books


Selected Snippets

Simple lead sheet

When put together, chord names, a melody, and lyrics form a lead sheet:

  \chords { c2 g:sus4 f e }
  \relative c'' {
    a4 e c8 e r4
    b2 c4( d)
  \addlyrics { One day this shall be free __ }

[image of music]

See also

Notation Reference: Chord notation.

Spoken music

Such effects as ‘parlato’ or ‘Sprechgesang’ require perfomers to speak without pitch but still with rhythm; these are notated by cross note heads, as demonstrated in Special note heads.



Ancient vocal music


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Notation Reference: Ancient notation.

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