B.14 Identifiers

acciaccatura - music (music)

Create an acciaccatura from the following music expression

addChordShape - key-symbol (symbol) tuning (pair) shape-definition (unknown)

Add chord shape shape-definition to the chord-shape-table hash with the key (cons key-symbol tuning).

addInstrumentDefinition - name (string) lst (list)

Create instrument name with properties list.

addQuote - name (string) music (music)

Define music as a quotable music expression named name

afterGrace - main (music) grace (music)

Create grace note(s) after a main music expression.


Allow a page turn. May be used at toplevel (ie between scores or markups), or inside a score.

applyContext - proc (procedure)

Modify context properties with Scheme procedure proc.

applyMusic - func (procedure) music (music)

Apply procedure func to music.

applyOutput - ctx (symbol) proc (procedure)

(undocumented; fixme)

appoggiatura - music (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

assertBeamQuant - l (pair) r (pair)

(undocumented; fixme)

assertBeamSlope - comp (procedure)

(undocumented; fixme)

autochange - music (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

balloonGrobText - grob-name (symbol) offset (pair of numbers) text (markup)

(undocumented; fixme)

balloonText - offset (pair of numbers) text (markup)

(undocumented; fixme)

bar - type (string)

(undocumented; fixme)

barNumberCheck - n (integer)

Print a warning if the current bar number is not n.

bendAfter - delta (unknown)

Create a fall or doit of pitch interval delta.


Insert a breath mark.

clef - type (string)

Set the current clef to type.

cueDuring - what (string) dir (direction) main-music (music)

Insert contents of quote what corresponding to main-music, in a CueVoice oriented by dir.

displayLilyMusic - music (music)

Display the LilyPond input representation of music to the console.

displayMusic - music (music)

Display the internal representation of music to the console.

endSpanners - music (music)

Terminate the next spanner prematurely after exactly one note without the need of a specific end spanner.

featherDurations - factor (moment) argument (music)

Adjust durations of music in argument by rational factor.

grace - music (music)

Insert music as grace notes.


Include the file <basename>-page-layout.ly. Deprecated as part of two-pass spacing.

instrumentSwitch - name (string)

Switch instrument to name, which must be predefined with ddInstrumentDefinition.

keepWithTag - tag (symbol) music (music)

Include only elements of music that are tagged with tag.

killCues - music (music)

Remove cue notes from music.

label - label (symbol)

Create label as a bookmarking label

makeClusters - arg (music)

Display chords in arg as clusters

musicMap - proc (procedure) mus (music)

(undocumented; fixme)


Forbid a page break. May be used at toplevel (ie between scores or markups), or inside a score.


Forbid a page turn. May be used at toplevel (ie between scores or markups), or inside a score.

octaveCheck - pitch-note (music)

octave check

oldaddlyrics - music (music) lyrics (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

ottava - octave (number)

set the octavation

overrideProperty - name (string) property (symbol) value (any type)

Set property to value in all grobs named name. The name argument is a string of the form "Context.GrobName" or "GrobName"


Force a page break. May be used at toplevel (ie between scores or markups), or inside a score.


Force a page turn between two scores or top-level markups.

parallelMusic - voice-ids (list) music (music)

Define parallel music sequences, separated by ’|’ (bar check signs), and assign them to the identifiers provided in voice-ids.

voice-ids: a list of music identifiers (symbols containing only letters)

music: a music sequence, containing BarChecks as limiting expressions.


  \parallelMusic #'(A B C) {
    c c | d d | e e |
    d d | e e | f f |
  A = { c c | d d | }
  B = { d d | e e | }
  C = { e e | f f | }
parenthesize - arg (music)

Tag arg to be parenthesized.

partcombine - part1 (music) part2 (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

pitchedTrill - main-note (music) secondary-note (music)

(undocumented; fixme)


(undocumented; fixme)


(undocumented; fixme)

quoteDuring - what (string) main-music (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

removeWithTag - tag (symbol) music (music)

Remove elements of music that are tagged with tag.

resetRelativeOctave - reference-note (music)

Set the octave inside a \relative section.

rightHandFinger - finger (number or string)

Define a StrokeFingerEvent

scaleDurations - fraction (pair of numbers) music (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

scoreTweak - name (string)

Include the score tweak, if exists.

shiftDurations - dur (integer) dots (integer) arg (music)
spacingTweaks - parameters (list)

Set the system stretch, by reading the ’system-stretch property of the ‘parameters’ assoc list.

storePredefinedDiagram - chord (music) tuning (pair) diagram-definition (unknown)

Add predefined fret diagram defined by diagram-definition for the chord pitches chord and the stringTuning tuning.

tag - tag (symbol) arg (music)

Add tag to the tags property of arg.

tocItem - text (markup)

Add a line to the table of content, using the tocItemMarkup paper variable markup

transposedCueDuring - what (string) dir (direction) pitch-note (music) main-music (music)

Insert notes from the part what into a voice called cue, using the transposition defined by pitch-note. This happens simultaneously with main-music, which is usually a rest. The argument dir determines whether the cue notes should be notated as a first or second voice.

transposition - pitch-note (music)

Set instrument transposition

tweak - sym (symbol) val (any type) arg (music)

Add sym . val to the tweaks property of arg.

unfoldRepeats - music (music)

(undocumented; fixme)

withMusicProperty - sym (symbol) val (any type) music (music)

Set sym to val in music.

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