World music

These snippets illustrate the Notation Reference, section World music.

Arabic improvisation

For improvisations or taqasim which are temporarily free, the time signature can be omitted and \cadenzaOn can be used. Adjusting the accidental style might be required, since the absence of bar lines will cause the accidental to be marked only once. Here is an example of what could be the start of a hijaz improvisation:

\include ""

\relative sol' {
  \key re \kurd
  #(set-accidental-style 'forget)
  sol4 sol sol sol fad mib sol1 fad8 mib re4. r8 mib1 fad sol

[image of music]

Makam example

Makam is a type of melody from Turkey using 1/9th-tone microtonal alterations. Consult the initialization file (see the ‘Learning Manual 2.12.2, 4.6.3 Other sources of information’ for the location of this file) for details of pitch names and alterations.

% Initialize makam settings
\include ""

\relative c' {
  \set Staff.keySignature = #`((3 . ,BAKIYE) (6 . ,(- KOMA)))
  c4 cc db fk
  gbm4 gfc gfb efk
  fk4 db cc c

[image of music]

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