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A structure holding configuration options, which are usually the same for all panes in a frame layout. For an explanation of the data members, please see Controlling dragging behaviour.

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Data structures

class cbCommonPaneProperties : public wxObject
    DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS( cbCommonPaneProperties )

    // Look-and-feel configuration

    bool mRealTimeUpdatesOn;     // default: ON
    bool mOutOfPaneDragOn;       // default: ON
    bool mExactDockPredictionOn; // default: OFF
    bool mNonDestructFrictionOn; // default: OFF

    bool mShow3DPaneBorderOn;    // default: ON

    // The following properties are reserved for the "future"

    bool mBarFloatingOn;         // default: OFF
    bool mRowProportionsOn;      // default: OFF
    bool mColProportionsOn;      // default: ON
    bool mBarCollapseIconsOn;    // default: OFF
    bool mBarDragHintsOn;        // default: OFF

    // Minimal dimensions for not-fixed bars in this pane (16x16 default)

    wxSize mMinCBarDim;

    // Width/height of resizing sash

    int    mResizeHandleSize;

    // Default constructor.