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Classes by category

A classification of FL classes by category.

Plugin classes

Plugins can be added to frame layouts to extend behaviour.

cbAntiflickerPlugin Double-buffering class
cbBarDragPlugin Implements drag behaviour.
cbBarHintsPlugin Implements bar decoration and sizing behaviour.
cbHintAnimationPlugin Draws animated hints when the user drags a pane.
cbPaneDrawPlugin Implements most of MFC-style control bar implementation.
cbPluginBase Abstract base class for all control-bar related plugins.
cbRowDragPlugin Implements row-dragging functionality.
cbRowLayoutPlugin Implements row layout functionality.
cbSimpleCustomizationPlugin Enables customization of a bar.
cbBarSpy Helper class used for spying for unhandled mouse events on control bars and forwarding them to the frame layout.

Window classes

Windows classes (note that the mini-button implementations are not true windows in that they do not derive from wxWindow).

wxToolWindow A small frame that paints its own titlebar.
cbFloatedBarWindow A kind of wxToolWindow implementing floating windows.
cbMiniButton Base class for wxToolWindow titlebar buttons.
cbCloseBox Close button for wxToolWindow titlebar.
cbCollapseBox Collapse button for wxToolWindow titlebar.
cbDockBox Dock button for wxToolWindow titlebar.
cbCloseBox Close button for wxToolWindow titlebar.
wxNewBitmapButton Alternative bitmap button class.

Layout management classes

These classes relate to the layout management framework.

cbDockPane Manages containment and control of bars in a prent frame.
BagLayout BagLayout lays out items in left-to-right order from top to bottom.
cbUpdatesManagerBase An abstract interface for display update optimization logic.
cbSimpleUpdatesMgr Implements optimized logic for refreshing areas of frame layout that need to be updated.
cbGCUpdatesMgr Implements optimized logic for refresh, based on a garbage collection algorithm.
GarbageCollector A garbage collection algorithm for use in display refresh optimization.
wxFrameLayout Manages containment and docking of control bars, which can be docked along the top, bottom, right, or left side of the parent frame.

Event classes

Events are used to decouple parts of the layout framework. For event macros and identifiers, please see the topic Event macros and identifiers.

cbCustomizeBarEvent Class for bar customization events.
cbCustomizeLayoutEvent Class for layout customization events.
cbDrawBarDecorEvent Class for bar decoration drawing events.
cbDrawBarHandlesEvent Class for bar handles drawing events.
cbDrawHintRectEvent Class for hint-rectangle drawing events.
cbDrawPaneBkGroundEvent Class for pane background drawing events.
cbDrawPaneDecorEvent Class for pane decoration drawing events.
cbDrawRowBkGroundEvent Class for row background drawing events.
cbDrawRowDecorEvent Class for row decoration drawing events.
cbDrawRowHandlesEvent Class for row handles drawing events.
cbFinishDrawInAreaEvent Class for finish drawing in area events.
cbInsertBarEvent Class for bar insertion events.
cbLayoutRowEvent Class for single row layout events.
cbLayoutRowsEvent Class for multiple rows layout events.
cbLeftDClickEvent Class for mouse left double click events.
cbLeftDownEvent Class for mouse left down events.
cbLeftUpEvent Class for mouse left up events.
cbMotionEvent Class for mouse motion events.
cbPluginEvent Base class for all control-bar plugin events.
cbRemoveBarEvent Class for bar removal events.
cbResizeBarEvent Class for bar resize events.
cbResizeRowEvent Class for row resize events.
cbRightDownEvent Class for mouse right down events.
cbRightUpEvent Class for mouse right up events.
cbSizeBarWndEvent Class for bar window resize events.
cbStartBarDraggingEvent Class for start-bar-dragging events.
cbStartDrawInAreaEvent Class for start drawing in area events.