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This document describes a utility for converting LaTeX files into several other formats.

Only a subset of LaTeX can be processed by this utility, especially since the target document language will never perfectly match LaTeX. Whether the quality of the results is good enough will depend upon the application and your own expectations. This caveat is worth emphasizing, because many people assume that any old LaTeX document will go through without modification: it might, but the chances are you'll need to modify it a bit for Tex2RTF. Tex2RTF was written with portable document maintenance and generation in mind, with less emphasis on accepting all LaTeX syntax. You have been warned!

Tex2RTF is heavily biased towards making on-line, hypertext versions of LaTeX documents, but the RTF converter can be used to generate linear, paper-based documents too.

The latest version of Tex2RTF, plus source code, can be accessedfrom:
It is available in Sun Open Look, Motif, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/NT, and non-GUI UNIX versions.

Tex2RTF was developed using the free Open Look, Motif and Windows 3.1 C++ class library wxWidgets.

Status of Tex2RTF
Change log