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wxChoicebook is a class similar to wxNotebook but which uses a wxChoice to show the labels instead of the tabs.

There is no documentation for this class yet but its usage is identical to wxNotebook (except for the features clearly related to tabs only), so please refer to that class documentation for now. You can also use the notebook sample to see wxChoicebook in action.

wxChoicebook allows the use of wxBookCtrl::GetControlSizer, allowing a program to add other controls next to the choice control. This is particularly useful when screen space is restricted, as it often is when wxChoicebook is being employed.

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Window styles

wxCHB_DEFAULT Choose the default location for the labels depending on the current platform (left everywhere except Mac where it is top).
wxCHB_TOP Place labels above the page area.
wxCHB_LEFT Place labels on the left side.
wxCHB_RIGHT Place labels on the right side.
wxCHB_BOTTOM Place labels below the page area.

See also

wxBookCtrl, wxNotebook, notebook sample